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Writer's Block: Round and round

Is there any song you could listen to 20 times in a day without ever losing interest?

There are THOUSANDS of songs I could listen to 20 times in a day and never get tired of. I won't take the massive time and effort to list them here.

I have often driven family members and friends alike nearly MAD with the repeat listenings of single songs!

I would say, for this current point in time, I am repeatedly listening to the entire Mumford & Sons album, and never get tired of The Cave or Thistle and Weeds.

Strange Dream

Okay, now let's get back to the reason I came to write here...

I fell asleep on the couch for about an hour and a half. I had an odd dream! Went something like this:

It started with me and James at a made up apartment building, similar to our old one on capital hill, where our friend Nik lived as well. So we are visiting Nik, and he's feeding us dinner and we're all watching something together. I'm super thirsty, and I drink a big mug of Strawberry Quik milk (haven't had this in ages! Loved it as a kid) Then Nik got a call and went out, to a neighbor's or something. I found a whole bunch of 2 Liter bottles of soda - mostly ginger ale and Seltzer. I poured a big glass of seltzer and drank it. I kept drinking, and putting the bottle in the freezer to make it cold. Finally Nik came back in and

I got a job working with members of this gym in this fancy hotel. Although I didn't realize it was in a hotel until the end. All details were revealed to me as I went along. I was helping a client use a machine for stretching. Then there was a video playing, and there was a machine kind of like a car from an amusement park roller coaster ride, and I was in the front left seat. We were watching the video and the ride started. It swung back and forth a bit like a Pirate Ship ride, but then it switched directions and was making bigger longer swoops. I had straps over my shoulders, but they were not strong or secure. I was concerned as it went higher. It swung us towards a window, which overlooked a beach! I thought to myself, 'Oh,this must be the new California Adventure...' (which I've never been to and it would be weird to have in Seattle!)

There were also prom kids coming in to the fitness center to have a bowling party... We swooped by them, and suddenly I was aware of my folded-hem jeans and flip-flops and purple toenails as being under dressed, but we were there first, so.. I couldn't believe this ride was lasting so long! It had been at least 15 minutes, and I wanted to be done.

Finally it let me off, right in front of an open glass deck. I walked out on the beach, and it was warm and sunny...and people were in their bathing suits and tans and surfing... I was happy to be in the warm weather. A wave came up and swooped my feet - it wasn't cold! Then another wave came along, and pulled me way into the water! I rode this wave with the very strong current, trying not to panic. I was annoyed that my clothes were getting soaked. then the wave crashed me towards the shore... but before I could get ashore, another current pulled me back up and out! I was so high... I just closed my eyes, stayed limp, and tried not to go under. I prayed that I would be safely brought back to shore. I was atop the crest of the wave for what seemed like a long time. I wondered if anyone would see me and think I needed rescuing... I wasn't altogether sure I didn't. Eventually, I felt the swell and speed increase of a forward motion wave. As the water sped me closer to the beach, I continued to keep my panic in check, and wait till the last minute to open my eyes and watch, water-obscured, as I am slammed into the beach. I scramble away from the water's edge, then check to see if I am injured. Miraculously, I am not. Weak-kneed, wet, and sun burnt, but not terribly damaged. I make my way into the lobby.

I am stopped on the stairs by a couple of ladies from the fitness center. They want to discuss the new Pilates machine, and the woman who runs the center, and 'boy, looks like I was having fun, didn't it?'

"I didn't mean to!" I blurt out. "They told us to get on the ride, and it lasted forever! Then it dropped me on the beach, where a rogue wave pulled me into the current, and I couldn't get back to shore!" The ladies didn't seem concerned about it, but I was frustrated and tired and more. I walked up to the check-in desk, because apparently, I had some clothes in a room upstairs, but no longer had my pants, or my key card. I explained this all to them, but it took some time to make them understand that I was an employee for the day in the fitness center and all that. I also had to go back in and get my red coat, on the floor by the ride.

The end.

Of course there was more minutiae but that was the gist. It's not as odd, I guess, once I've written it down, but still... I woke up from a couch crash with a deep sleep feeling and both my arms were asleep! Maybe that's why I felt helpless in the ocean...

WTH is happening to LJ?

I login and see Games *Beta*... including Farm Frenzy ANIMALS? WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO COPY SOMETHING ELSE?!? All phones want to be iPhones. All networking sites now want to be faceBook. Grrrr! If I want to be on FB, I'll be on FB! Let's keep our websites separate, please!

My 2011 Writer's Resolutions

Had this question posed in a writer's group: "What are your Writer's Resolutions for the New Year?" Been kicking it around a bit, and finally put something down in an email, so I want to record it here, too.

My writing goals for 2011:

1. Write regularly.
To me, that means 15 minutes minimum three a week minimum.
2. Get that non-fic that's been in my head for one year down "on paper"!
3. One short story per month.
1-10 pages, fiction.
4. Take a Writing class.
Whether it is a one-day or a once-a-week, I'd like a class...

Writer's Block: Hocus pocus

If your parents were transformed into their true animal spirits, what animals would they be?

My mom would be a rabbit or a fox.
My dad would be a horse or a camel.

Writer's Block: Must Have Gadget

What technology gadgets are on your wish list?

Since my original iPod died, i already know I'm getting a new Classic 160GB iPod in black, probably. Yay! I also want a Panasonic Lumix camera with 16x Optical Zoom... I saw a guy at a concert using it - awesome! Of course, Also on my "someday" wish list is the DLSR Camera Nikon D50... but not this year...

Other tech items on my wish list:

  • The new Blackberry Flip Phone in Purple
  • Gift cards for B&N Nook e-books and iTunes
  • The new XBox 360! With Kinect... and games for dancing and stuff

I think that's most of it!

Dear Santa

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last month I broke bohemianbeauty's X-Box (-12 points). Last Tuesday I donated bone marrow to talene309 in a life-saving procedure (300 points). Last Friday on a flight to LA, I stole the emergency flight information card (-40 points). In April I gave endless_aoi a Dutch Oven (-10 points). Last Sunday I bought porn for da_fidge (10 points).

Overall, I've been nice (248 points). For Christmas I deserve a new dolly!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
What message would you put into a fortune cookie?

When i was a teenager, I actually did write my own message and slip it into a fortune cookie,that i then made sure my crush got and opened. I don't remember the message itself... but that was fun!

Now, I would always write a specific message for whomever the recipient would be.If I were to write generic and random ones, I would make them either a)mysterious, or b)funny. Such as:

a) You will soon find something that you did not realize you lost.
b) You are a ham in front of the camera.
a) The secret to your success is finding good friends.
b) You will get scratched by a surprised cat.

Actually, I'm sure I could come up with funnier ones, but off the top of my head, these are at least goofy.

Writer's Block: High school musical

If you had to choose a theme song for your middle or high school years, what would it be, and why?

I have answer this again, because I forgot to say "REBEL YELL" by Billy Idol! It's only what my email and screennames are based on... Plus it was my ringtone for years. But i tend to think of it as a lifelong anthem, not just high school. But you know what? My alarm clock had that song cued up on the tape deck to play Every Morning to wake me up for school.

Again, to me it represented wanting to bust out in the world, I wanted "more! more! more!" not just in a sexual way, but in every way. Love that song.
Rebel Yell> Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door Last night a little angel Came pumpin cross my floor She said Collapse )

Writer's Block: High school musical

If you had to choose a theme song for your middle or high school years, what would it be, and why?

The first thing that comes to mind is The Thompson Twins (Yes, I know, many of you have no idea of whom I am speaking...) and their song "King For A Day".


Well, for one, it was a song from my high school years.

Two, I grew up in a small town changing from rural to suburban, and it seemed to me to be full of hypocrites living in their perfect little pink houses, with white picket fences, and perfect children (so not perfect, but their parents seemed to think so) and perfect lives on the surface which was only hiding their prejudices, hatred, self-loathing and fear, homophobia, racism, sexism, fear of intelligence and creativity and originality and nonconformity.

So, except for the romantic love of some verses, this song fits:Collapse )

Three, I was all those things they feared. I just wanted to show them up in their pretenses, and shake up their perfect little myopic world views. But most of all, I wanted to get out of there. Which I did, yay! And I still go back and visit, and it drives me nuts, but I know I will be leaving after a week or two, so it's okay: A reminder of I struggled against. But I definitely dreamed of having the power to change things in the world and people's priorities and practices.